About Us

JLV Tech Support was founded by Julian in May 2016 as a way to provide his friends on Facebook with the latest on tech news ranging from gaming updates to the most recent security update on social media all for free.

After a short while and a few customers later, he decided to make a real home for JLV Tech Support on the web. With Julian’s previous experience of websites it would feel strange not having one for this venture, so here it is.

Julian is lucky to be part of this generation that witnesses technology growing at a rapid pace. All of his knowledge is self taught, sometime’s even just by reading articles like these, right here, on the web. He want to give that to other people, for free.

JLV Tech Support is a FREE service for ANYONEANYWHERE. If you are pleased with the service that you have received then we encourage you write a review either on our Facebook page or on Google. JLV Tech Support’s main service of news and support is advertised as a free service however there are still costs involved in keeping the service operating. All donations through PayPal will be extremely grateful.