iOS 10’s iMessage displays x-rated GIFs

It is reported that Apple is having some trouble removing porn from the iMessenger’s new GIF search feature.

The discovery was made overnight by Deadspin after they had noticed a highly sexual My Little Pony GIF had appeared in searches for the word ‘butt’.

Further than that, a woman has also claimed her 8 year old daughter was presented with an explicit image of a woman giving oral sex to a male. The word ‘huge’ was used by her daughter in a message to her father.

GIF search is one of the new features built into iMessage in iOS 10. Apple has been prohibiting searches for most sexual terms, but it’s a real problem for porn to slip through for an otherwise normal term like “huge.”

It took 10 or so hours after Deadspin‘s initial report for the word “butt” to be banned from iMessage’s GIF search; searches for “huge” have already been banned. The GIF feature is powered by Bing.



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