Amazon Dash coming to the UK

Amazon’s one touch ordering service is finally launching right here in the UK.

Amazon Dash – which was launched in the United States last year – Allows customers to simply press a button to order from 40 different brands. Products available through the service range from toiletries such as deoderant to cleaning products.

The buttons which cost £4.99 each use your household Wi-Fi network to connect to the Amazon App on your smartphone. One press of the branded button and in 24 hours your new supply of coffee – Or whatever product you use – will arrive at your door.

How an American household kitchen would look when using Amazon Dash.
How an American household kitchen would look when using the Amazon Dash services.

If you use more than one product that is manufactured by a specific company then you need to purchase two dash buttons. The example being if you use washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets from Fairy then either multiple buttons will be needed or you would need to reset the product line through the Amazon App.

After you have paid the initial £4.99 for the button, this will be returned to your account after your first press of the dash button.

And finally, this service is only available to Prime users. Would you sign up and pay the monthly subscriptions so you could press multiple buttons throughout your house? Or would a trip down to the supermarket be your thing?



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