Facebook auto-play video feature update

Imagine sitting on a packed 125 bus making your way to work innocently scrolling down the Facebook news feed to get your morning fix of updates. Unbeknown to you there is a video about to appear that is extremely loud and almost completely inappropriate to play in public. Wouldn’t it be awful if the sound came on without you clicking it?

For a while now Facebook have given users the option whether they wanted videos to play automatically without sound on their newsfeed but the proposed new feature that is being trialled in Australia could soon become very disliked by the Facebook community as these videos will start to automatically play with sound on.

You can stop these features completely by turning the video auto play off, but if you’re like me and watch the videos with subtitles then this will certainly not be a step in the right direction.

A separate group of test users will see a volume icon appear at the bottom of the video giving them the option to turn the sound on themselves – This option will most likely be the popular one of the two.

Which would you prefer?



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