Life away from the tech world…

As you may or may not be aware JLV Tech Support is currently as one-man-band operation by myself. You also may or not be aware that at any moment within the next week and a half my fiancée could go into labour and deliver our first child into this tech filled world!

This is both an exciting and extremely busy time in our lives as you can imagine. Whilst taking on father duties, the latest news that appears on the website may take a hit and will not be as often as usual. The Weekly Bytesize updates may appear one week, and not the next, or not at all!

I will endeavor to publish at least one new article a day, but unfortunately it’s a promise I cannot give. With impending parenthood, these articles will sway towards online safety for children, something I have already previously covered in ‘online safety 1‘ and ‘online safety 2‘, along with password security. It is without a doubt a topic I am passionate about. So please keep checking back for these.

During this time, I will still offer extensive technical support and advice through the social media channels, emails and via phone.

If you do wish to get involved with what I am offering here, such as news, reviews or perhaps guides then please do get in touch via any of the above methods – The more tech heads, the more efficient the service becomes.

Thank you for your understanding – And thank you for using JLV Tech Support!



UPDATE – 30th July 2016: Our daughter Charlotte was born this afternoon at Chorley hospital. This means that the latest news service will be affected temporarily. If you have any tech enquiries then please do continue to send these in either via Facebook or email.



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