Train delays inspire online game

Are you one of thousands of commuters who are annoyed at the delays you may have experienced over the past few months when using Southern Rail?

Digital Animation Studio, Ram Jam, have created a Southern Rail Tycoon for all angry, or just bored, commuters can play.

The web browser game was uploaded Thursday last week and a reported 45,000 people have already played the game.

Playing the game is simple. You collect fares from would-be passengers. At the same time you need to ensure the guards do not board the trains, this will gain you profit from the cancelled trains.

Game developed by RamJam as a 'dig' at Southern Rail.
Game developed by RamJam as a ‘dig’ at Southern Rail.

Brighton-based developer Tom Jackson said: “We all were planning to go to London a month ago and trains were delayed, then delayed, then delayed and then eventually cancelled. He continued to add “We were so frustrated by the whole thing that we’ve stopped using the trains.”

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