Android users at risk with Pokemon Go

The newest and hottest game on the market at the moment appears to me Pokemon Go. An app that lets you wander the real world catching the animated characters.

The release delay of Pokemon Go in many counties is making enthusiastic Pokemon fans find alternative methods to “Catch ’em all” by downloading the .apk files directly from websites but reports have been made public by Science Alert that these files could be harmful to your device.

Android users who have downloaded the Pokemon Go .apk file might be at risk.

When you install apps on your device you will see a list of ‘permissions’ on what you are agreeing the app has access to, such as network access and ability to use your camera.

The compromised version of Pokemon Go will ask for the permissions below.

Pokemon Go permissions on a compromised version.
Pokemon Go permissions on a compromised version.

It is believed that the compromised version of the app is infected with a malicious remote access tool. This opens opportunities for hackers to gain full control of your Android device.

If you do wish to download Pokemon Go prior to the official release date in the UK then follow these instructions – This is where I accessed it.




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