Spoilers? There’s an app for that

Over at Unilad they have just reported about an app that stops you from seeing spoilers of your favourite show. Sounds fantastic right? Here is my quick review on the Android version of the Spoiler Shield app.

As soon as I saw this App I thought I’d give it a go. I am one of these people who likes to keep the Premier League scores a surprise until I sit down at 10:30 on a Saturday night curled up on the sofa.

Anyway, I installed this app straight away on to my Galaxy Samsung S6 Edge device and was quite keen to see what it looked like. Unfortunately, that’s as far as I got. It installed but would not boot up at all.

Come to think of it, the first review I saw said “I promise you that it doesn’t work. It crashes for everyone”. That built me up with confidence straight away. Then again, every device is different.

Spoiler Shield app that stops those spoilers about your favourite show.
Spoiler Shield app that stops those spoilers about your favourite show.

The app claims to block out those unwanted posts on both Twitter and Facebook by showing you an ‘alternative feed’. Looking at the screen shots from a fully working version of the app it appears to show a newsfeed where a post has been blocked out. Double tap the post to reveal what’s behind the block.

With the origins of the app coming from across the pond, don’t expect to see the likes of Eastenders and Corrie on the ‘block list’, more MLB and NFL. Hit TV show Game of Thrones is reportedly the most spoiled programme on our TV’s with over 170,000 spoilers.

It is also worth pointing out that it appears the spoiler shield uses it’s own timeline for your social media accounts so your Facebook and Twitter apps will be defunct.

Finally, the app was last updated 2 years ago and technology has changed a lot since then. Maybe wait for an alternative or just hide yourself away from social media until the event you wish to be kept a secret has passed?

There is also a Chrome extension to try of the Spoiler Shield, one which I have not yet reviewed but may do in time.



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