Get your food delivered via a robot

Having piping hot food of your choosing delivered straight to your front door is a thing of luxury. A treat. That quick couple of seconds you are taking the contents of the delivery drivers bag and discussing the fantastic British whether that they have had to battle in order to bring clench your hunger. All of that could be a thing of the past.

Takeaway ordering service Just Eat are planning on ditching the human delivery in exchange for a robot.

Takeaway service Just-Eat are to trial robot deliveries in London.
Takeaway service Just-Eat are to trial robot deliveries in London.

Starship Technologies are the people behind the autonomous robots that will be bringing you the food you order. Just Eat plan on launching this delivery service on a trial basis in London this year. There are already robots delivering takeaway food in many cities overseas. Will your food actually get to you? The company told the BBC “We have driven thousands of miles with robots like this… and the vast majority of people just ignore it.

It is reported that the actual compartment containing your food will be secured by an access code that will be given to you upon arrival.

The real question is, will this be quicker than waiting for the cheerful delivery driver that normally comes to your door?

The lovely people of Chorley will most likely have to wait a while before we see these robots on our streets. Those in Manchester or Liverpool will have less of a wait, depending on the trials in the capital of course.



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