Snapchat introduce ‘memories’

The millions of users of Snapchat expect to share their moments for a maximum of 10 seconds for it never to be seen again. The company then introduced the ability to save your snaps before you sent it and now today they have introduced another feature called Memories to the popular photo sharing app.

To access the new section of Snapchat you swipe up from the camera screen and there you are presented a screen that stores your snaps in chronological order.

Today’s announcement was made using on YouTube and the Snapchat blog.

The new feature will allow you to store the snaps and even send them at a later time. Searching for the snap you are looking for has been made easy with the search function that is available.


Snapchat creators say “We’ll be rolling out Memories selectively over the next month or so — it’s a big change for our service so we want to make sure everything is running smoothly! You’ll receive a Chat from Team Snapchat when Memories is ready for you to use.



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