Scammers using Brexit as leverage

It’s just under two weeks since the people of United Kingdom took part in a democratic vote and opted to leave the European Union. Politics aside, scammers have used the result of that vote to target those who did not get the result they wanted, or even those who have changed their mind.

Recently there have been reports that scammers are using the DVLA’s name as a way to get unsuspecting victims details through a phishing scam and now they are using the outcome of the historic vote that took place on 23rd June – Where the public voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%.

This latest phishing scam uses exploits Britons’ fears about the economy and political turmoil after the vote.

It is reported that the email in question arrives with a subject such as “Brexit causes historic market drop”. When opened, malicious software is downloaded your computers or mobile devices. The software that is downloaded is known for spying on users and stealing personal information.

James Chappell, co-founder of London-based cybersecurity company Digital Shadows told The Telegraph “A common ploy being used by cybercriminals is to send emails that references ‘Brexit causes historic market drop’ designed to create urgency in the recipient to  click a link or open an attachment as a means of delivering malware.”

It is advisable that any email you get relating to the EU referendum result is put straight into your junk folder.

Which way you voted for exactly still remains a mystery to these fraudsters but a quick search on your social media accounts could give vital clues on which box you put your cross in – Which is why it is important to be careful what you put on your social profile (As my brother found out).




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