Xbox Play Anywhere release date

At the 2016 E3 conference Microsoft announced they would be introducing a cross-buy service for Xbox One and Windows 10 users. They have now announced a release date of September 13th.

As stated on the Xbox website, the Play Anywhere service comes with great perks. Spend hours in front of the TV, save your progress and move over to your laptop and continue exactly where you left off. Achievements will also be right there with you.

It is believed that the service will not automatically be on every Xbox one game but Microsoft are planning on bringing it to titles such as Gears of War, Forza Horizon and Crackdown. The games that are compatible with the service will display the Pay Anywhere logo.

This summer will see two updates from Microsoft, both are needed to enable the Play Anywhere feature. The Windows 10 anniversary update is due this month and the Xbox summer update is due shortly.




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