‘The fappening’ hacker pleads guilty

Back in 2014 numerous Hollywood stars found had discovered that intimate photos had been leaked online for all to see. The hacker behind what became known as ‘celebgate’ and ‘The fappening’ has been charged.

Edward Majerczyk who is from Chicago, US, pleaded guilty to accessing celebrity accounts such as Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and Big Bang Theory actress Kelly Cuoco.

The logins for the Apple iCloud and Google’s Gmail accounts where stolen using a phishing technique tricking unsuspecting victims to visit a website that was designed to grab data from the users web browser.

Victims where sent a link to the website by email. These emails that he sent where designed to look like genuine security warnings from internet service providers. Methods like this have been used since by scammers with the updated version of ‘Microsoft tech support scam’.

It is reported that Majerczyk used this method to steal login credentials for more than 300 Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts between November 2013 and August 2014.

Majerczyk will face a “statutory maximum” of five years in jail.



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