DVLA Tax Scam

Unfortunately email scams are quite regularly doing the rounds and unsuspecting victims fall for them more than you know. This is either because they are unaware what it is and just click it or because they are scared into thinking they need to action what it tells them to do otherwise it means serious consequences.

There methods that scams use can vary from a realistic pop up box warning you that you are at risk or a call from someone claiming to be a Microsoft employer. The latest scam that Action Fraud have made people aware about is an email from what appears to be the DVLA.

Email showing the latest scam that appears to be from the DVLA.
Email showing the latest scam that appears to be from the DVLA.

To a standard computer user it is not always easy to spot the difference between what is real and what is out to do damage. In this particular example there are a couple of details that make it easy to spot.

The registration number and bank details that are provided to you will be randomly generated by the scammers as they would not have access to your personal information like that. The email does however address you by your full name, this would most likely be because your email address is registered with that name.

You will have been sent this email from a spoof DVLA address, it’s worth noting that whenever I have received anything genuine from them in the past it has come from a @dvla.gsi.gov.uk address.

This scam email contains a PDF attachment with unknown contents. It is believed that when clicked it will download a banking trojan that will access your machine and steal your online banking login credentials.

If you receive an email that looks like the same one above then the best thing for you to do is mark it as spam (right clicking the email will give you this option).

If you have received an email recently and are unsure whether it is genuine or not then please get in touch.



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