News made easier with Twitter moments

Unless you have been living in the dark for the past couple of days you will have heard about the three biggest news stories from around the world.

On Wednesday, a group of congressional Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor to protest gun violence in the US. And on Thursday, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union after a historic referendum. On the same day, Prime Minister and Tory leader David Cameron declared that there will be new leadership by October.

According to recent surveys, social media is the go-to place to find out about the latest news for people aged between 18 and 24 which makes sites such as Facebook and Twitter constantly change the way in which their platforms work.

In October last year Twitter announced a new feature called Moments.

The microblogging site uses it’s Moments to show you all trending topics in one place making it easier to find the news that appeals to you.

Moments also includes an optional temporary follow function that, if you opt in, inserts tweets into your timeline from people you don’t follow when they’re pertinent to the news, sports, or entertainment event you’re following, and then, when the event is over, the temporary follow ends.

The ability to actually use the temporary follow feature is hit and miss. Those topics that can be followed will be visible by a lightning bolt icon.

Give it a try!



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