Facebook upgrade their ‘live’ feature

By now you will have most likely had a notification that one of your friends are “Live now”. You rush over to watch this amazing live video of them watching TV or simply saying hello to the world. One of the newest features on the popular social networking site has been used for more interesting reasons. Recently Facebook tycoon Mark Zuckerberg interviewed President Obama after the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford.

The latest announcement from the California based company will enhance the feature which allows you to invite guests to your live streams. In the near future you will expect to see an increased number of interviews as the user is given the ability to invite people who are at different locations across the world.

Benefits of live broadcasting

If you have been keeping a very close eye on the proceedings in France over the last few weeks you may have received a notification or two from either ITV or BBC as they interview the pundits at half time or bring you live build up to the next match taking place.

The live feature has allowed either broadcaster to continue taking part in the match day activities even if they are not the scheduled live match day footage provider. This will keep their followers active and engaged with them on the social media accounts which is exactly what you want.

Dwayne Johnson using the Live feature whilst on the red carpet.
Dwayne Johnson using the Live feature whilst on the red carpet.

Going live gives you the ability to interact with your followers in real time. Answer any questions they may ask, discuss points that are important to them – evening mentioning their names as they go to show you are listening, they may even choose to get notifications of when you have just gone live.



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