Edge web browser ‘better for battery life’

There are many reasons why you use that particular web browser to do your daily surfing. Do you like the look of Chrome? Do you feel safer using Firefox or Opera? Or are you just familiar with the standard installed Internet Explorer? For me personally, I find Chrome to be the fastest and best responsive for my uses, so that get’s my vote.

You spend most of your time on your computer or laptop using your web browser for various entertainment purposes. Shopping, socialising and watching videos – which takes a lot of battery power. It is important that the battery life on your machine is the best it can be and a reason study done by Microsoft reveals some interesting results.

In the study Microsoft have pitched their native Windows 10 Edge browser against Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, and Opera web browsers. All of which are showing the exact same video on a continuous loop on identical laptops.

The results showed, according to the software company, that the Microsoft Edge was able to last for 7 hours and 22 minutes. This beat Chrome (4 hours 19 minutes), Firefox (5 hours 9 minutes) and the second best performing browser, Opera on 6 hours 18 minutes.

This study was actually performed on a Windows made product which could enhance the Edge browser’s chances of lasting longer as this device would have been developed to work efficiently with the software.



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