3D printed bus launches in Washington

So far we have had 3D printed nuts and bolts which came in handy. We have also had more useful items created such as 3D limbs, these change lives for the better so we like those. The next big thing we have is a 3D printed driverless bus.

Arizona-based automaker Local Motors have joined up with IMB and have created a working 3D printed bus. Olli, as it is going to be known, can carry up to 12 people at one time and is currently in operation on local public roads in Washington DC with the view to expanding later this year.

Vice president of IMB IoT had this to say about the new vehicle, “We do everything through voice and we translate language and combine it with other data,” he says. “We’ll try to build as much of the experience and let the vehicle know about you so it can build your experience — favorite restaurant, what dry cleaner you use. There’s things you can define in a profile, or things you can learn as you go.”





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