Bytesize Weekly News Roundup (24th June)

Had a busy week and haven’t had time to read the latest technology news every day? No problem, every week I will provide you with a quick roundup of the news that you may have missed from around the technology world, even giving you the option to read on whilst drinking that morning cuppa.

Bytesize News Roundup – 24th June 2016


Instagram_2016_iconInstagram reaches new milestone

Popular photo sharing website Instagram has reached a milestone of 500 billion registered users. The announcement was made by social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg posting a photo onto the Facebook owned platform. [read more…]


scam-circle-big-300x300Scams using your internet provider

Scammers are now targeting people using their internet service providers, a new study reveals. The new scam involves a pop-up window claiming to be from your ISP, asking you to ring them for tech support. [read more…]


ransomwareRansomware created using javascript

Hackers have created a new form of ransomware that can easily be easily be activated by the victim. Most commonly forwarded via email, the new ransomware uses javascript that locks you out of your machine. Are you safe? [read more…]

 And finally…

  • An electric car has taken just 1.513 seconds to reach speeds of up to 62mph [read more…] (BBC Technology)
  • Rumor has it that Apple are ditching the headphone sockets [read more…] (Tech News World)




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