New string of ransomware created – Are you safe?

It was revealed today that there is a new strain of ransomware that is coded completely in Javascript, which increases the chances of it being activated.

Within that first paragraph alone there are a few words which probably stand out to you. Hopefully this quick guide will help you understand the terminology and how to keep yourself safe.

So, what is ransomware? It is a piece of software that is designed to lock you out of your machine unless a ransom has been paid. Therefore giving it the name.

This new strain of ransomware has been created using a form of programming language called Javascript which is most commonly used within web browsers.

Example of a ransomware screen you could be presented with.

A simple way to keep your self safe from this type of hack is to be web smart. Do not download any attachments from senders who you do not know. Keep an eye out for the files that end in .js and do not click them.

If you are sent a macro-enabled office file then be extremely cautious of who sent it to you, even give the sender a quick call just to authenticate it. And finally, ensure your anti virus is kept updated.

There is currently no free decryption of this type of ransomware so be careful.

If you are unsure about anything you have read then please do contact me and I will be more than happy to explain further.



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