Customise your controller with ‘Xbox Design Lab’

You have probably always wondered what is missing from your gaming experience, something just does not feel quite right.

Microsoft have realised what you are missing is a multicolour controller and courtesy of Xbox Design Lab you can now have just that.

The design lab will allow you to customise just about everything there is on the Xbox One controller ranging from front and back panels to the thumbsticks and D-pad.

These new controllers will be updated just like the ones that come standard with the newly announced Xbox One S console which means you will get the Bluetooth feature for better range and the new textured back panel.

Rumour has it that the new design lab will not be open for Europe until 2017 but they are due to be shipped in the U.S. from September this year.

There are around eight million possible combinations and the controller will cost around £50 when they are released in the UK.



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