Facebook introduces a new ‘home’ screen on messenger

So the other day we had a new game on a Messenger update, which is just as frustrating as watching England in France, and now yesterday Facebook have announced another change for the popular messaging app. A slightly bigger one.

Facebook are creating a home screen for the app which will act like an inbox. The new home screen will literally be called that, ‘Home’ and it will house recent conversations and your favourite contacts.

Other useful features on the new home screen is an ‘Active now’ section and it will also inform you of your contacts birthday. Ideal for reminding you of the birthdays you fail to remember.

Facebook says, “With these updates, we’re aiming to make Messenger simpler to use by presenting more relevant information. We look forward to building even more ways to make using Messenger better in the future.

A smaller update for the app is the ability to send Facebook exclusive emojis.

The cross playform app which boasts over 900 millions users worldwide every month is compulsory if you wish to use Facebook messages whilst on the go.



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