A more efficient Facebook app

There’s always that one time when you have just found a really interesting news article, go to click it, and you are greeted with a data allowance screen telling you that you have just run out. How frustrating.

The biggest consumer of data is in fact your very popular social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Unless you specify through your phones settings or the notification settings through the apps themselves.

You know that widget on your home page that is showing you latest status updates without actually clicking onto the Facebook app itself, yeah that one, it is actually connected to the internet endlessly updating that widget for you.

Luckily for you there is a stripped down version of both Facebook and Twitter available to download and it comes under just one name. Metal for Facebook & Twitter is downloadable from the Google Play store for your Android device.

With over 500k downloads for the app it has been described as “Space saver“, “A great alternative” and “Great, fast and light!“. All the things an app should be. The description from the creators themselves is “Your Facebook app should work for you. It should be light, functional and beautiful. It should look how you want it to be accessible everywhere, with lightning fast launch speeds. Metal does this. And more.

Metal includes various themes, a floating mini app-window, a navigation drawer, Twitter support, fingerprint access to add extra security, interface options (like full screen mode and fixed toolbar while scrolling). All this in one app.

These days Facebook requires you to install a separate app for messaging, make way and room for Facebook Messenger. With Metal you only need the one app for both news feeds and messenger.



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