Another secret Facebook messenger game revealed

Remember back in March this year when you tried to score as many hoops as possible against your messenger friends? How frustrating was that game. Only managed a score of 22 but I was quite satisfied with that as it was the highest in the group.

Anyway, fast forward to now and there is another game for us all to get bad tempered with. This time it’s the turn of kick ups. The European Championships and Copa America are currently being played in France and the USA respectively right now so the revealing of this secret game is quite well timed.

David Marcus who oversees Facebooks messenger made the reveal on the social media site today via this video.

To start a game it is pretty straight forward. Just send a football emoji to a messenger friend, tap the emoji once it’s sent and there you go. Wave bye bye to a few hours.

I managed a respectable 28, not bad.



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