WhatsApp group chat made easier

Has your WhatsApp messenger updated recently and you are sat there wondering what on earth has changed? You probably think nothing at all, because most of the time it is security updates or bug fixes but this time there is something which will help you.

The cross-platform messaging app boasts a user base of one billion which makes it the most popular messaging application ever.

It certainly helps you make those Saturday night plans a lot easier with all your mates in one place. This new feature that has been rolled out promises to be useful especially in those busy group conversations where it may not be obvious which member of the group or question you are replying to.

You can now embed previous messages in a reply, like you would do a quote retweet on Twitter.

To use the feature on Android you simply keep hold of the message you want to reply to, and click the reply icon (Usually the icon on the left). On iOS, you hold the icon and you get the pop up options where you can click reply.



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