Microsoft’s Project Scorpio console

The next instalment of the Xbox family has been announced. Project Scorpio was officially revealed to the world at the E3 expo in LA along with the new slim line Xbox One S console.

Project Scorpio will be an enhanced version of the Xbox One console which will be capable of running 4K games, support virtual reality experiences and also have a massive six tereflops of power (That’s a lot!).

The next major addition to the Xbox family is coming next year. Today at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft officially revealed the long-rumored Project Scorpio, an enhanced version of the Xbox One that’s capable of running 4K-native games, and which will also support virtual reality experiences and feature a hefty six teraflops of power. Phil Spencer, Xbox chief,  says that Microsoft views the new device as much more than a simple refresh.

Prices are yet to be disclosed for the new console but at current guesses and with the features on offer it would likely be over the £600 mark. With the release at Christmas time this may worry many parents on what may appear on their child’s want-list.

You will be able to play your old library of games across all Xbox One platforms, including Scorpio and the newly announced Xbox One S. You will find that some of those games played on Scorpio will have slight improvements due to the powerful hardware under the hood.



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