Another introduction

When I stayed awake until 1am one Friday night last month creating the JLV Tech Support venture I always told myself that I would keep the service exclusively to Facebook and will not be taking it further (like I would need any more commitments with a baby on the way!). A week or so after that and I had ordered some business cards online and decided to take the service further my handing them to anyone I saw and sticking them anywhere I could.

Fast forward to a month later and here I am adding another commitment with a website to run and keep updated. Throughout my time at college and early employment I had websites cropping up for all sorts of reasons. Chat websites, games websites and football websites. It would be strange for me to have a service without the attached website.

Enough of why the website exists, let us move on to what you shall expect to see on here. Firstly, you will notice that articles are generally written in first person. The reasoning behind this is because as professional as I want this service to be, it is still going to be run as a place for you to find friendly, personal advice from myself. Whilst this will not be a personal blog, I will still write reviews for you to consider or even just for me to vent my frustration because I lost 6-0 on the updated version of FIFA. Either way, I hope you find what I have to say very useful.

Posts you are likely to see appear on here will be about:

  • Up to date support on the latest social media updates including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Advice on whether to go and spend your hard earned money on that latest piece of tech
  • New features coming to a phone near you
  • Updates from the big tech giants all in one place

Stay tuned for more!



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