France release terror alert app prior to Euro 2016

A few days ago it was announced that the French government had released a mobile phone app that will alert the public in the event of a terrorist attack within the country.
If you are considering venturing over to France for some of the 30 day tournament which started this evening then perhaps this app is something you should consider downloading.
In order to use the app, called SAIP, you must sign up to receive alerts in up to eight different geographical zones in addition to the present location. This will of course use your data roaming but whilst we remain in the EU this cost will be quite low and well worth it.
The app was developed by the French government after the November attacks on the capital which killed 130 people.
The British Foreign Office has warned that stadiums, fan zones and transport hubs could be possible targets during the football tournament.
You can download the app on iOS or Android.
For more information on the app, visit the the French government website.



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