Online safety (Part 1)

Being safe online does not always mean having the latest anti virus software installed or making sure you have your firewall switched on it can also mean just being generally careful with what information you put out on the intenet and who you’re sending it to.
People of all ages spend many hours a day on the internet whether that be to socialise, play games or just do general web browsing. The internet is a fantastic tool for all generations to use but it must be used with caution, especially young people and children.
The biggest uses of the internet for children and young people are to socialise with their friends, play online games and to browse the internet for information. Whilst online they could be:
  • Posting images/videos on various social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Vine or more recently Instagram.
  • Using popular search engines such as Google or Bing to find information
  • Visiting message boards such as 4chan and reddit, both of which have a ‘dark side’.
  • Talking with their friends through apps such as WhatsApp, Kik or BBM messenger.
  • Using snapchat to send instant picture updates to their friends as well as posting it as a ‘timeline story’.
Having access to the internet is fantastic and it’s usefulness cannot be stressed enough but there are risks at using apps and the world wide web which must be understood.
Continue reading in part 2 for tips you can give to your child to keep them safe online.



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