A brief introduction

As the title says, this is a brief introduction into what JLV Tech Support is all about, and I will endeavour to make it brief.
First off, my name is Julian and I am from a market town in Lancashire called Chorley. As this is a brief introduction, onto why I started this service.
Since leaving college in 2011 I haven’t really used my technology knowledge as much as I wanted too. In my current role as an administrator the skills I have taught myself over time are not used to their full potential (even though I do help out a lot of my colleagues) so literately 2 hours ago I had this idea of starting a service for the local and possibly wider community and share any knowledge I have with them, hopefully fixing a few issues as we go.
In the past I have tried my hand at creating websites for gaming and for chat, even a tech forum. I have also dabbled in creating websites for businesses but I have never really made progress with those so I thought instead of putting all my effort and money into a money-making scheme I thought I may as well go down the free route.
That’s right, this service is completely free but you do have the option to send a donation via PayPal.
Anyway, I said this was brief. I hope in the near future I can assist you with something technical whether it be a simple Office problem or your laptop appears to be doing some weird thing. Over time I will be adding more notes to the page, using it as knowledge base maybe, who knows?
Bye for now.



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